Bold Group understands this - our alarm monitoring software is designed to be intuitive and comprehensive, with tools to help your operators become faster and more efficient:

  • Custom Dashboards tailored with helpful information for each operator, including alarm queues, time zone clocks, custom URLs, - even weather maps! 

  • Enhanced Action Patterns with step by step instructions using if/else logic to ensure all required operations are performed when a signal is received.
  • Video Control Center allows faster access to video through our innovative system that integrates alarm handling and video into one streamlined package.

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When life safety is on the line ...

your operators don’t have time to deal with complicated software.

Simplify things for your operators

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Alarm Monitoring Solution?

Bold Group’s alarm monitoring software is designed to implement flexible, automated solutions to help enable repeatable processes within your organization. This puts control in your hands by helping to streamline operator efficiency with an intuitive and comprehensive solution.

Bold Group has been the leader in alarm industry solutions for over three decades, providing the most comprehensive array of alarm monitoring, integrated financial management solutions and Security Intelligence tailored to achieve your optimal business performance.

Alarm Monitoring Solutions

Your station is relatively small. SIMS is easy to install and navigate, and offers plenty of features, and shortcuts designed to simplify alarm handling.


You monitor more accounts than most other central stations. stages is the premier central station automation platform.


You’ve set up and run your own monitoring center for your business or campus. With Manitou, you get industry leading state of the art technology with a modern web interface.